Kevin Zou

Computer Science Student at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


Hi! I'm Kevin Zou

I'm currently a student at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. I've been programming in various computer languages for nearly 8 years now, starting off with Java and currently most familiar with C++ and Python. I do lots of game-related programming, like plugins, automation scripts, and mods, as well as a little bit of game dev and 3d modeling. I'm always interested in learning more about technologies, and prefer working in the backend of systems and APIs, although I do have plenty of frontend knowledge and experience.

In my free time, I watch movies and TV, practice Piano, and play various video games. My current main game is Final Fantasy 14, an MMO-style game that I enjoy optimizing my performance in and competing for high damage rankings.
As far as pets go, I'm a cat person (with a soft spot for Shibas).


Viasat, Inc.

Viasat Inc.

Software and Data Engineer Intern - -

Benchmarked multiple GraphQL servers as research and developed a GraphQL interface for accessing data from company databases. Worked on backend server logic for authenticating and retrieving data, as well as logic for translating GraphQL queries into SQL for compatibility with Trino/Presto SQL. Used Docker for containerization and development.

Amazon S3 Docker Node.js Typescript GraphQL Kerberos SSO Go / Golang Python
QuickenLoans, Inc


Software Developer Intern - -

Worked on an internal web app for quickly finding information relevant to business operations, ranging from financial policies to tech support. Contributed code and fixes for the Backend-for-Frontend (BFF) and Angular Frontend. Also contributed IaC code setting up AWS permissions for an unreleased product.

AWS ECS/Lambda Terraform Angular .NET Core C# HTML/CSS/JS MongoDB
Kashmir World Foundation

Kashmir World Foundation

Image Processing Intern - -

Programmed drones to autonomously track sea turtles for animal conservation. I organized image data sets, trained neural networks to recognize and classify turtle tracks, and worked on optimizing the image recognition to run locally on a custom-built drone.

Python Dronekit Darknet CV Library Google Cloud Platform


University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Computer Science BSE - -

  • GPA: 3.43
  • Relevant Coursework:
    Discrete Math, Data Structures & Algorithms, Computer Organization, Computer Security, Database Management Systems, Intro Artificial Intelligence, Game Design & Development, Software Engineering, Intro Autonomous Robotics, Computer Vision, Programming Paradigms, User Interface Development, Foundations of Computer Science / Algorithms

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST)

Advanced Studies Diploma - -

  • GPA: 4.224
  • Relevant Coursework:
    AP Computer Science A, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Parallel Computing, Web Development




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